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Armenia and Russia assisting Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, June 9
Georgia is carrying out serious rehabilitation work to reconstruct the main highway which was damaged in Dariali gorge due to the May 17 landslide.

The disaster has led to the deaths of several people, as well as to the destruction of the road and infrastructure.

The Georgian side has been working hard since May 17. The rescue operation was carried out and the rehabilitation efforts are underway, apart from human losses the country suffered serious economic loss as well.

The restricted movement on the road has caused serious damage to businesses not only in Georgia, but in Russia and Armenia as well. Larsi checkpoint near the Dariali gorge is the only land connection of Armenia to its strategic partner Russia.

Armenian leadership has contacted the Russian government to discuss the possibility of assisting Georgia in the reconstruction of the damaged highway, as this negatively influences the trade turnover capacity between the two countries. It was suggested to Georgian authorities that Armenia and Russia were ready to participate in the reconstruction efforts. First the Russian side will create a working team to study the situation on the ground and prepare the recommendations for further steps.