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ENPARD collective programs in the Adjara Region

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, June 10
Within the framework of ENPARD program, 160 cooperatives should be created in 45 regions of Georgia. The rules of creating cooperative is that in highland regions at least 3 farmers must gather, in the lowlands at least 5 people are needed.

The European Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development in Georgia is a Euro 40 million EU-funded programme that was signed in December 2012. The programme provides financial and strategic assistance in the field of agriculture.

Deputy Head of the UNDP in Georgia Sophie Kemkhadze, Agriculture Task Manager from the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia Juan-Jose Echanove, Chairman of Adjara's government Archil Khabadze, Minister of Agriculture of Adjara Zaur Putkaradze, and Georgia’s Agriculture Minister Shalva Pipia, signed the ENPARD Ajara -Agriculture Promotion in Adjara’s Autonomy Republic. Information centers were also opened in the Shuakhevi and Khulo regions.

“We are helping people to learn how to use their own land properly. Highland Adjara is a good place for harvesting bilberry, because the land is just perfect for this plant,” stated Lasha Komakhidze, Project Manager at UNDP Adjara.

“For this, people should learn when and how to sell their product, for example, the price of fresh bilberry is just 2 GEL, but if it is dried or frozen, it costs maybe 10 times more. Our main goal is to not just help them with money, but to give them education, so in future they can develop agriculture on their own,” said Komakhidze.

According to Echanove since the ENPARD program was launched in Georgia, agricultural activities have increased by 10%.

"This is a huge number and a great success,” he stated.

The number of people who took part in consultations within the program is over 7,300.

ENPARD is a policy initiative that is part of the EU's commitment to inclusive growth and stability in its neighborhood, recognizing the importance of agriculture in terms of food security, sustainable production and rural employment. This project aims at supporting the preparation and start-up phase of ENPARD in the Southern Neighborhood, through supporting beneficiaries and the European Commission in elaborating and fine-tuning the ENPARD concept on a regional and national level. Tasks include the identification and formulation of initial activities and work programs, identifying key policy measures to improve sustainable production and quality standards, supporting the policy dialogue between beneficiaries and the European Commission, as well as supporting and evaluating the initial activities under ENPARD.

The material was prepared within the borders of media tour organized by the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia and UNDP in Georgia.