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Preparation for local elections continues

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, June 11
The participating political parties have different plans in terms of the upcoming local elections. Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili stresses that the elections will finally destroy the United National Movement. He says that the destruction of the UNM is the publicís desire. The UNM however, continues to claim that they are being pressured and persecuted on a political basis by the current government.

During the pre-election rally in Batumi several days ago, Gharibashvili predicted that the UNM will soon disappear from the political landscape. According to him, the UNM threaten the conduction of the elections in a peaceful and transparent manner.

The Georgian Dream coalition claims that the elections will be exemplary. They claim that certain individuals who were pressured while the UNMís was in office, have initiated all the aggression towards the UNM and not the central government.

The UNM is holding meetings in each region in the framework of the election campaign. However, the local population has expressed its protest towards the party. Throwing eggs, aggressive behavior and other abuses are common at the pre-election meetings of the opposition party.

The coalition has distanced itself from these people and has appealed to public to calm down. Gharibashvili promises Georgians that his party will restore justice in the country. Georgiaís international allies express their concern over the incidents, urging the government to investigate the facts in a timely manner. Despite the concerns, the PM claims that the elections will meet high standards. The Interior Ministry of Georgia made a statement a couple of days ago, warning politicians and activists to refrain from provocative actions. The ministry emphasized that everyone who commits violations will be punished.

The UNM is the only opposition party represented in parliament. It is unlikely that the party will disappear from Georgian politics. It is a question as well who would replace the party if they did? Nino Burjanadze, former parliament chair and the leader of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia, is trying to take that place. However, she is said to be more pro-Russian. The upcoming elections appear to be some kind of test. It will reveal chances and opportunities, as well as future prospects more.