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Temporary road opened through Georgia’s Dariali Gorge

Monday, June 16
A temporary road was opened for travelling through Georgia's Dariali Gorge towards Russia.

The temporary road's opening was attended by Georgian Regional Development and Infrastructure Minister, Elguja Khokrishvili.

Cleaning work is underway for a faster traffic flow in both directions. However, the disaster relief was suspended several times due to the threat of a new mudflow.

A part of the Devdorak Glacier collapsed from the north-western slope of the Mount Kazbeki on May 17.

This resulted in a huge mudflow that came down to the Dariali Gorge, blocking the Terek River and destroying a stretch of the Georgian Military Highway.

The mudflow caused huge obstructions on the highway, and part of the road was flooded.

This also resulted in interruption in transports' movement between Georgia and Russia, as the Kazbegi-Upper Lars Border Checkpoint is currently the only official crossing point on land on the Georgian-Russian border.

Due to the situation with the Dariali Gorge, over 100 trucks have stuck on the border's Russian side, which mostly travel to Armenia and Turkey.