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Bravo Records holds presentation

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, June 16
Bravo Records studio held a press conference on June 12 at restaurant OTIUM. The press-conference was dedicated to two events.

According to the President of Bravo Records Zaza Shengelia, Global Gathering 2014 will be held on September 19-20.

“We decided to bring this festival to Georgia and decided that Rustavi, which is one of the culturally inactive cities, is the place what we need for the festival. The Rustavi Mayor’s Office Mayoral Candidate of the Georgian Dream Davit Jikia assisted us in this regard. We chose Rustavi Moto Park and expect approximately 40, 000 fans,” stated Shengelia.

“When Zaza called me and asked about the event, I accepted the offer. I am very happy that Rustavi will host such a great festival. It will be excellent if some other cultural events also take place in our city. Rustavi really needs to be culturally awakened,” stressed Jikia.

Global Gathering is an annual dance music festival by MAMA & Company. Festivals are held in the countries such as the UK, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and feature leading electronic music artists from across the globe. The festival has been running since 2001; the concept came about following enormous interest in the opening Code club (now Air), the home of Godskitchen. The organizers recognized that there was room to expand dance music from clubs to outdoor music festival venues.

Foreign and Georgian bands will also perform. One of the performers is Nina Sublati, whose debut album presentation was the second reason for holding the conference.

Sublati was a participant of Georgian Idol competition, where she worked with the Bravo Band and the Georgian Philharmonic (symphony orchestra) and she won that contest.

Album’s name is Dare to be Nina Sublati and contains 5 covers from famous singers and some others written specially for Sublati. The album cover photo was taken by Jiji Rejini.

“I am very happy that I finally recorded the album. I am very grateful to Bravo Records. I think that people will be able to see me from a different angle through the album,“ stated Sublati.