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Ukrainian Journalists’ wine tour in Georgia

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, June 20
A delegation of Ukrainian journalists visited Georgia from June 15 to 22. Ukrainians were joined by Georgian colleagues in the region of Kakheti on June 18. Journalists had an opportunity to improve their knowledge about wine tourism and establish professional contacts.

The media tour is supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI), Georgia National Tourism Administration (GNTA) and the National Wine Agency.

The event aims at the popularization and development of wine tourism in Georgia.

“The media tour aims to increase interest towards Georgian wine tourism and promote Georgia as a country of wine. All these journalists will prepare materials about this topic and the information will be available for all Ukrainians. As a result, it will increase the interest of Ukrainian tourists toward Georgia and motivate them to visit us,” stated Tamar Kapianidze, PR manager of EPI.

According to Kapianidze, the media tour was first held in 2013.

“We made such an event last year for the first time, but there were not so many journalists then. The materials that were prepared under the previous tour had a positive influence on tourism,” she said.

The guests visited wine stores in Tbilisi, Saguramo, and Mtskheta that were within the project and became acquainted with the culture of wine production in Georgia on June 15-16.

Later they visited Kahkheti, where during a six day tour they saw Kvareli Eden, Chateau Kvareli, Chateau Mere, Pheasant's Tears and other wineries. Journalists also had an opportunity to visit important historical monuments; such as the Palace of Ereke II in Telavi, Alaverdi and Bodbe.

When asked about their impressions, all the guests were positive about the event and Georgia.

“I am in Georgia for the second time already. First time it was many years ago when I was a kid. I don’t remember much about the time but I will always remember Old Tbilisi. It is amazing that people always keep old traditions and architecture that is harmoniously mixed with modernity,” stated Alexandra Malenko.

“Food and wine in Georgia are wonderful. I am fond of sweets and here it is possible to find many tasty and delicious dainties and fruits, many of them are absolutely unique,” Malenko added.

“Food and wine in Georgia are not like any other. They are original. No matter how much you eat or drink, anyway you feel very comfortable,” stated Natalia Vovk.

“Georgia is amazing, I have been here three times and the country always manages to amaze you. I am more and more in love with the country,” said Iryna Gordichuk.

The Guide Davit Pakhuridze stated that there is a great interest by visitors in Georgia, not only in regards to wine and food. “They are asking questions about everything, no matter if it is connected to wine tourism or not. Such kind of trips may bring even more benefits for the country than the organizers think,” Pakhuridze said.