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Azerbaijan can meet domestic demand for metallurgical products in coming years

Monday, June 30
Azerbaijan can meet its domestic demand for metallurgical products in next three or four years, head of the Azerbaijan Steel Production Complex CJSC, Samir Jafarov said at a press conference in Baku.

Jafarov underscored that currently, it is one of the important and topical issues.

Azerbaijan spends around $1.3 billion for purchasing steel and steel products from neighboring countries. Steel is supplied to Azerbaijan from Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

"Azerbaijan has never produced metal. Iron ore was previously supplied to Georgia, where it was produced with the domain method. We intend to start metal production, as well as steel and steel products production in Azerbaijan. Our long-term goal is to enter regional markets as well," Jafarov said.

The CJSC head went on to add that industrial enterprises will be opened in Ganja, Dashkesen and other regions of the country.

Azerbaijani president issued an order to establish Azerbaijan Steel Production Complex CJSC in April 2013.

The CJSC carries out designing, construction and management of the steel production complex in Ganja and Dashkesen regions.

The state owned Dashkesen Filizsaflashdyrma JSC was also included in the complex.