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Association agreement on the occupied regions

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, July 11
According to the association agreement between the European Union and Georgia, “Georgia should take appropriate steps to encourage trade, travel and investment across the administrative boundary line, including a review of legislation such as the Law on Occupied Territories”.

The agreement reads that Georgia should continue efforts aimed at ensuring the full implementation of the August 12, 2008 Six-Point Agreement and its subsequent implementing measures, which includes continued support of EU, UN, OSCE actions working towards the settlement of the conflict. The document also reads that Georgia should seek ways to share the benefits and opportunities stemming from the EU-Georgia Visa Liberalization Dialogue, political association and economic integration process, inter alia from the association agreement, with the populations across the administrative boundary lines.

The agreement also focuses on strengthening respect for democratic principles, the rule of law and good governance, human rights and fundamental freedoms. This also includes the rights of minorities as enshrined in the core UN and Council of Europe Conventions and related protocols and to contribute to consolidating domestic political reforms.

“The EU Special Adviser on Constitutional and Legal reform and Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg's report from September 2013 Georgia in Transition and especially the recommendations included therein should be taken into account when implementing the below matters of political dialogue and reform,” the agreement reads.

The dialogue and cooperation will cover several areas which include strengthening the stability, independence and effectiveness of institutions that guarantee democracy, with a focus on sustainability. The agreement also envisages “ensuring respect for the roles of the Prime Minister and President under the constitution.”