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Deficit of hotels in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, July 14
Georgia plans to increase the number of tourists visiting the country to up to 6 million. Experts believe this number could be achieved only in the case that Georgia creates 200, 000 beds, whereas currently the country can satisfy requests of only around 35,000 beds. This of course hinders the development of the tourist industry. However this can be a drive for investors.

During the Soviet era there were 620 hotels in Georgia of different types, providing 152, 000 beds. Today there are 1,051 hotels but they provide only 35,000 beds. Currently Tbilisi has only 5,200 beds.

Tbilisi international airport serves 1.2 million passengers annually. All this gives stimulus to the Georgian population to create small family-type bed and breakfast hotels. The tendency is growing quite successfully. This bed and breakfast hotels provide affordable service and this eventually will facilitate the development of the tourism industry in the country.