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Convincing runoff victory

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, July 15
The second round of local elections confirmed the overwhelming victory of the Georgian Dream coalition. GD managed to win in all the regions and cities. Thus, the coalition will have majority in all the city halls. This is a big challenge as since gaining victory in the 2012 parliamentary elections, the Georgian Dream leaders had complained that they could not gain control of the various regions. According to them, the former government members had disrupted their beneficent intentions. Currently, there are no obstacles and the country administration can fulfill all the promises given to people during the pre-election period.

Cohabitation means having a peaceful attitude between opponents. However, the word has been affiliated with quite a negative meaning in Georgia. It identified the concessions made towards the UNM from the coalition side.

Georgian Dream leaders claim that such an ill practice should come to an end. From the democratic point of view, such domination of a single political force over others is not nice. However, Georgian Dream met democratic standards in holding the elections and finally the coalition won.

It can be said that this is a unfavorable tradition coming from gaining independence. The major party always gets far more votes than its opponents in Georgia. Analysts stress that such development diminishes democratic achievements in the country. However, this is what always happens.

Now the coalition will have to restore justice in Georgia. Currently, the coalition has no excuses to postpone the process. There is one more segment as well requiring significant changes. That is the court system, where the UNM still has great influence. Georgians hope that things might change to something positive under these new circumstances.