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Tbilisi Council rejects bonuses

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, July 21
High-ranking officials within the Tbilisi City Council will not receive bonuses. Just elected deputies of the body have finally come to a solution to stop giving out bonuses. The case of high bonuses given to the members of the Georgian Dream in June caused negative reactions among their opponents and some members of the main party too.

There was a confrontation over the issue between several council members regarding the case. Independent deputy Aleko Elisashvili is satisfied with the council's decision.

"It's good that the statement was made not by the name of the coalition, but by the council. A working group will be set up to make these changes reflected in the legislation," he says.

The head of the council Giorgi Alibegashvili also made a comment. He said that this issue should not have become a matter of confrontation.

“The members of the Georgian Dream repeated numerous times that they would not receive bonuses, so we have made a joint decision that the members of the council will not take bonuses,” he said.

The issue of bonuses has been discussed in parliament as well. United Movement member Chiora Taktakishivli drew attention to the budget growth rates in terms of salaries and bonuses and once again criticized the government for taking increased benefits.

“About 13-14 thousand families were cut-off social assistance, while officials' salaries and bonuses consist of 138 million GEL,” emphasized Taktakishvili.

The issue of bonuses was criticized in the leading party too. Member of the Parliament majority Tina Khidasheli stressed that the steps taken by some top officials regarding bonuses was totally unacceptable.

“I plan to propose legislative amendments to the bonus distribution practice next week. These amendments will put a stop to those terrible crimes that have been perpetrated in our country over the years. It is true that our government has not laid the foundation for this corrupt practice. However, this does not mean that they must shirk responsibility for the misdeeds they have performed,” declared Khidasheli.