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TheInterior Minister speaks on record

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, July 28
Interior Minister Aleksandre Tchikaidze has had to answer many questions at parliament and committee sessions over the past days and months. Despite the fact that he was criticized and even ridiculed for being nervous and making several grammatical mistakes, Tchikaidze stressed that the ministry has set the record in terms of drug seizure.

The minister informed that the almost three tons of liquid heroin was seized in Georgia earlier this month belonged to the Taliban.

“Afghan-produced drugs found by Georgian police on July 14 were worth $400 million USD (700 million GEL),” Tchikaidze said.

Tchikaidze admitted that heroin was being transported to Europe and the money generated from the sale of the drugs would finance the Taliban.

The minister stressed that this was "Europe’s largest ever” heroin seizure.

Tchikaidze had to answer to the opposition and majority members’ question over the speculated increase in criminals.

The minister stated that after the large-scale amnesty in 2012, a certain increase in crime was detected. However, he assured that it was just temporary and the situation with regard to crime is under control now.

“There is the impression that the crime rate has increased, the feeling is caused by the intense coverage of criminal cases by TV channels,” Tchikaidze said, stressing that the police are actively tackling criminal bosses. Tchikaidze underscored that 70 such individuals were arrested since he took office.

Tchikaidze also recognized that there are many unqualified employees in the ministry. He suggested that the academic years of the Police Academy should increase to four, and MA studies should be suggested for future police officers.

The Prime Minister frequently praised Tchikaidze for his “non-stop” activities, stressing that the 29 year-old minister is “growing fast” in his profession.

However, apart from the economic team, the minister is most criticized by the opposition. Members of the United National Movement assessed Tchikaidze’s speech as ungrounded. They emphasized that the minister cannot control the criminal situation and provide genuine information over the criminal bosses.