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Georgia increases import of Azerbaijani gas by over 17 percent

Tuesday, July 29
In January-June 2014, Georgia imported 737.240 tons of natural gas in oil equivalent in the amount of $151.06 million from Azerbaijan, according to the report of GeoStat (National Statistical Service of Georgia).

Azerbaijan is the main supplier on this type of fuel to Georgia with a specific weight of 83.3 percent of the total imports in this category. In total, Georgia has imported natural gas in the amount of $181.3 million, the report said.

The remaining gas supply accounted for Russia and other sources.

The volume of the Georgian natural gas imports from Azerbaijan grew by 21 percent on year terms (in quantitative terms, the increase was made up 107,290 tons of oil equivalent, or 17.03 percent).

In comparison, Georgia imported from Azerbaijan 629,950 tons of gas in oil equivalent in the amount of $124.82 million in January-June last year.

The specific weight of the gas in the volume of the Georgian import from Azerbaijan was made up 51.4 percent during the reported period.

Georgia imported products worth $294.1million from Azerbaijan in the first half of the year.

The volume of imports from Azerbaijan to Georgia increased by 7.6 percent for the year, the report said. For comparison, in January-June last year, Georgia imported Azerbaijani goods worth $273.2 million.