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Kaladze addresses public over two-hour blackout

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, July 29
Georgia was not supplied with electricity for two hours on July 27.The issue resulted in various comments directed at Minister of Energy Kakhi Kaladze. The opposition United National Movement was particularly critical of the current government in this regard.

Operation of the Georgia’s railway and metro systems were halted last night due to the blackout. Hundreds of passengers were evacuated from Tbilisi metro stations.

According to official reports, four trains came to a halt in tunnels and passengers were evacuated after the metro administration turned on the backup power system.

There were speculations that it was a planned attacked on the electricity system.

“Damage to the Imereti high-voltage transmission line caused a power cut for thousands in Georgia on Sunday,” Deputy Minister of Energy of Georgia Ilia Eloshviliin informed.

Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze apologizes for the power cut.

“As you know, thousands of homes were without electricity in the country on Sunday. Such a situationalso happened in Georgia in 2010. We have managed to restore electricity supply in a few hours. The damage of the Imereti high voltage transmission line, the “Kolkhida -2” power line and “Paliastomi-1” power line caused the power cut in Georgia on July 27. I want to thank all those people who were working throughout the night to fix the problem,” Kaladze said.

Kaladze also expressed his surprise with the opposition’s reaction to the power failure.

"I have not seen the National Movement so happy – not for the last two years. Their attitudes were very interesting regarding the fact that Georgia was in darkness for 2 hours – they were very excited about this fact, but it is alright. More exciting months are ahead. A two-hour electricity shutdown does not mean that some leaders of the National Movement will not have to pay for their crimes," said Kaladze.