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Hospital on the verge of closure

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, July 30
New Life Hospital may be closed down due to the fact that 45 employees wrote a statement regarding retirement. The last date when the clinic will receive patients is August 8. Doctors will leave their positions on August 11.

Doctors are dissatisfied with the work of management and their new contracts.

According to the Head of the clinic Zaza Sinauridze, the hospital is managed by two companies, Avanti and Eveqsi.

“Avanti bought Eveqsi about 3-4 month ago. Thus a new company entered and the problems began. Our action is not a protest, this is just a way of self-defense, so that the staff did not go on strike,” Sinauridze stressed.

Sinauridze stated that the staff is not demanding anything, they just don’t like the way the owner treats them.

“Through the system the owner company is trying to instill, we will not be able to ensure the patient’s safety. New Life clinic is known for its high standards and service quality. In cases where death occurs no one accuses the owners, the doctors are held accountable. None of the doctors want to take such responsibility when the insurance and the current system do not guarantee genuine treatment,” Sinauridze stated.

According to Sinauridze, there are many shortcomings in the management system.

“Proper treatment is based on three major elements: efficient general management, financial aspect and treatment quality. The whole system might fail if a single element is lacking,” Sinauridze stresses.

Meanwhile, the Avanti Group expresses its readiness for regulations. The head of public relations for the Avanti Group, Tamar Chechelashvili, stated that the company is ready to create a good environment for everyone.

“We are ready to discuss issues with the staff and work on contracts,” Chechelashvili stated.

Deputy Minister of Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia Zaza Sopromadze stated that the ministry will intervene in the issue only if the two sides will not be able to solve the problem.