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Eleven footballers and goalkeeper fired from Tbilisi Dinamo

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, July 31
Almost all the footballers of Tbilisi Dinamo left the team due to the decision of the club chairperson Roman Pipia. Coach Michal Bilek was also fired. Kakha Gogichaishvili will replace him.

Goalkeeper Giorgi Loria left the team together with 11 other players: Giorgi Merebashvili, Elguja Grigalashvili, Davit Kvirkvelia, Tornike Gorgiashvili, Otar Martsvaladze, Davit Khurtsilava, Rafa Jorda, Rafael Garcia, Radek Dosoudil, and Patrick Vouho.

Only Xisco Munos remained on the team owing to his contract.

The changes were related to the recent poor performance of the most famous Georgian football club. Doinamo one Eurpean cup holder’s cup in 1981.

Pipia stressed that all the information about the players, including their salaries and bonuses will be shown on the Dinamo web-page.

“I am even ashamed to speak about their salaries, they were so high, when people in Georgia do not have even 1,000 GEL monthly income they were taking thousands of laries and did nothing instead…The club will go younger, we will enlist only young footballers in our team. There will be low salaries and high bonuses,” Pipia said.