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Tbilisi Mayor names his deputies

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, August 4
Newly elected Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania started his first working day at the Mayor’s Office on August 2.

Narmania appeared at the Mayor’s Office with the Chairman of the Tbilisi City Council Gia Alibegashvili. He brought some personal items from his office including books about Tbilisi, a toy tractor, and his special rewards he received while working at the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure.

Narmania named his five candidates for Deputy Mayor’s position. His first deputy will be the former Deputy Minister of Culture Aleqsandre Margishvili. Other Deputy Mayors will be ex-Transparency International Georgia employee Nina Khatiskatsi, former officials Giorgi Khelaia, Giorgi Solomonia and Aluda Goglichidze.

According to Davit Narmania, all the candidates were selected due to their high professionalism, high qualifications and work experience.

Narmania also named governor candidates for ten districts of Tbilisi and the head of the Tbilisi City Hall administration.

“It will be a very interesting team, completed with hard-working people, who will be working with me day and night to make Tbilisi more attractive and comfortable city,” Narmania stated.

Margishvili said that the team chosen by Narmania will be strong.

“Our team will be able to fill the gaps left by the former government,” he stated.

“All the problems that bother residents of Tbilisi are equally important, that’s why we must react as fast as possible to improve the situation,” stated Katiskatsi.

According Narmania, he plans to establish a new tradition at the Mayor’s Office.

“Me and my team will meet with citizens every Monday and listen to their problems,” Narmania stressed.

Member of the United National Movement (UNM) Irma Nadirashvili wished Narmania good luck and advised him not to replace the current staff with his own relatives.

“I want that every single person who works at the Mayor’s Office to know that they are much better professionals then the relatives of any member of the government. If any of employed individuals will be dismissed without real reasons, we will offer them legal assistance,” Nadirashvili said.

Narmania responded to Nadirashvili’s statement saying that UNM has no right to tell Mayor’s Office employees on what to do.

“Me and my team are ready to work with every single person who knows our program, is ready to work with us, and has feelings of responsibility and is professional,” Narmania stated.