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Wounded Soldier Set World Record

Thursday, August 7
Corporal Temur Dadiani who lost both of his lower limbs during explosion on a mine in Afghanistan set a new world record. The tournament was held three years after the explosion on August 3. Temur Dadiani made 37 push-ups in 38.25 seconds and surpassed the set minimum three times. The event was held under the aegis of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

23-year old Temur Dadiani set a world record according to the requirements of Guinness in amputee push-ups. During push-ups he used only hands and kept his body in horizontal position. It is variation of one of the famous Planche push-ups. This is extremely difficult variation and there are only a few people who perform this exercise though the world record has not been set till now.

Temur Dadiani set a world record at the sports center of the administration department of the General Staff. According to Guinness requirements Temur had to perform at least 10 push-ups. The record was confirmed by the Georgian Referee Federation of Records. Chief of General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces Major-General Vakhtang Kapanadze and Dadiani's friends attended the event.

Temur Dadiani has left for Afghanistan in April, 2011. He exploded on a mine while patrolling in Helmand Province on August 3. Now he is serving at the National Defence Academy and he is actively involved in various sports competitions.