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Tbilisi’s social budget deficit

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, August 8
Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania held meeting with 10 city governors on August 7, where they discussed Tbilisi’s budget.

According to Narmania, social aspects of the budget are low.

“Due to the fact that there is no money for social field, we must find alternative ways. Those who spent the money must be punished and we should take money from other projects to cover the social needs,” Narmania stated.

Narmanis also spoke about deforestation. He stressed that illegally cutting-down trees will be strictly punished.

"I want to express my firm position that the illegal cutting down of trees and destruction of green cover will be strictly punished. That’s why I have instructed the relevant supervision departments and landscaping service agencies to quickly study the current situation in the capital and punish those who do not fulfill their duties,” said Davit Narmania.

Deputy Mayor Alexander Margishvili stated that changes will be done in the budge at the end of the month. “We must find quick solution for Tbilisi’s residents,” Margishvili stressed.

Governor of the Nadzaladevi region Zaza Gabuania said that the former governor spent 226,000 GEL instead of 170, 000 GEL.

“The former Tbilisi administration had a very irresponsible attitude towards the budget. Currently we are facing problems due to their activities,” Gabunia said.

The United National Movement (UNM) responded to the allegations. Member of the UNM Tamaz Shoshiashvili stated that there were no violations in the spending of money from the budget, as the current budget was confirmed under the new government, where social expenses were reduced by 107%. Shoshiashvili said that compared to 2013, Tbilisi regions received 10 million less in financing for 2014.

Member of Tbilisi City Council Jaba Samushia recognized that there were problems in the Tbilisi City Budget… “We will discuss the current situation and make solutions on what can be done,” Samushia said.