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Monday, August 11
President appoints new Georgian Ambassador to the Netherlands

Georgia has a new Ambassador in the Netherlands.

The country’s ex-State Minister for Diaspora Issues Kote Surguladze will replace Shota Gvineria in this role.

The President signed a document confirming Surguladze’s appointment.

Meanwhile President Giorgi Margvelashvili met Surguladze earlier yesterday and wished him success in his new diplomatic role. During their meeting the pair discussed Georgia’s current relationship with the Netherlands.

In his career Surguladze worked at different positions for Georgia’s Foreign Ministry since 1996. His diplomatic career included being Georgia’s Consul to the United Kingdom.

Until the recent Governmental reshuffle on July 21, Surguladze served as Georgia’s State Minister for Diaspora Issues.

Davit Narmania advises governors and majoritarian MPs to hold meetings with population

Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania met with the governors of the capital and members of the City Council on Saturday.

Davit Narmania advised them to hold meetings with the population. “I think it would be much more productive if a governor and a majoritarian MP of each district of the city will hold joint meetings with the population”, Davit Narmania said.

Alasania Meets Georgian Troops, ISAF Commander in Kabul

Defense Minister Irakli Alasania visited Georgian troops at the Camp Phoenix in Kabul and met outgoing commander of the U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General Joseph Dunford.

Addressing Georgian troops at the Camp Phoenix on August 7, Alasania thanked them for their “great service” and also paid tribute to Georgian soldiers fallen in the August, 2008 war with Russia.

“Six years ago aggressor attacked our country and tried to force us to get on our knees. Georgia has been fighting for its freedom and independence for centuries; often our territories were temporarily lost, but the main thing that aggressor has always been failing to deprive us is firm combat spirit that you carry,” Alasania said.

“We lost 169 soldiers six years ago, but they failed to deprive us of our sense of dignity,” Alasania said. “Georgian soldier serves with pride and dignity wherever the Georgian five-cross flag flies and I want to thank you for that. Our country will never kneel down and I am sure that we will be able together with you to fully protect our country’s security, as well as restoration of the territorial integrity.”

After meeting with General Dunford, Alasania said that post-election situation in Afghanistan and Georgia’s contribution to post-2014 mission were discussed.

The Defense Minister told Georgian lawmakers in late July that Georgia would keep about 750 troops for NATO's post-2014 non-combat mission in Afghanistan. He said that a company size unit would be deployed in northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif under the German command and rest of the troops would be stationed under the U.S. command in Bagram.

Georgia currently has 755 soldiers in ISAF mission, down from its pick when Georgia had about 1,600 troops in Afghanistan.

About fifty Georgian troops continue to serve in Kabul and a special mountain battalion is deployed in Kandahar.

In July Georgian troops ended their four-year deployment in Afghanistan’s southern province of Helmand.

Death toll of the Georgian soldiers in the ISAF mission is 29 – all killed in action in the Helmand province.

435 Georgian soldiers have been wounded in action, 35 of whom are amputees, according to the ISAF.

Irakli Gharibashvili denies reports about Irakli Shikhiashvili and Kakha Kaladze

Georgian Prime Minister has denied reports about Irakli Shikhiashvili’s (Ex-chairperson of Tbilisi Sakrebulo) possible appointment as Kvemo Kartli governor.

“Irakli Shikhiashvili’s appointment issue has not been discussed yet”, Gharibashvili said.

As for the information that current Minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze is going to leave the coalition; the PM said: “These are absurd rumors.”

“It is awkward to even make comments on it. Kaladze is a member of our team”, Gharibashvili said.

National Movement addressing government to bring Ukrainian children in Georgia

United National Movement addresses the government to bring the children evacuated from eastern Ukraine in Georgia.

As Zurab Japaridze stated during a briefing on August 10, the Ukrainian government has been evacuating women and children from eastern regions of the country.

According to him, it is important to express support towards Ukraine.

‘’We would like to address the Georgian government to bring several hundred children evacuated from eastern Ukraine in Georgia for a month, or more. It is possible to arrange summer camps. From our point of view, this action will be of pure humanitarian character,’’ – the deputy said.

As per him, a lot of finances will not be necessary for it and it is even possible to attract money from international humanitarian organizations.