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Defence Minister Visited Kandahar Airfield

Thursday, August 14
Minister of Defence of Georgia Irakli Alasania during his official visit to Afghanistan, visited the Georgian Special Mountain Battalion stationed at Kandahar Airfield. Defence Minister was hosted by the leadership of the Special Mountain Battalion at the Airfield. Defence Minister was briefed on the details of the battalion mission and environment where they are serving. Defence Minister also visited the chapel and cultural-educational center located on the base.

Awarding ceremony of the Georgian military servicemen was also held at Kandahar Airfield. Defence Minister granted state awards and medals to 5 military servicemen.

Defence Minister Alasania met with the Commander of RC- South Major-General M. Bills in Kandahar and discussed ISAF operation details. "Our Special Mountain Battalion is performing a very important task in Kandahar. They are responsible for protecting the security of the base. Moreover, they are often engaged in various preventive operations against attacks. They repelled the attack that was carried out on the base a few weeks ago.

I also met with the Commander of RC- South, General Bills and he told me that Georgian soldiers are distinguished for their professionalism. He explained to me what kind of tasks they will have to carry out to the end of their mission, by the end of September. I can freely say that their combat readiness is very high and they do their job very well. Military servicemen of our unit are known for their bravery, self-confidence and professionalism.

I met with the military personnel today and we had open exchange of our views how their experience will be shared to other members of the Georgian Armed Forces. I was very happy to award some of the best service members today," Irakli Alasania said.

Along with the Georgian Defence Minister, Deputy Defence Minister Mikheil Darchiashvili and Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces Colonel Roman Jokhadze visited the members of the Special Mountain Battalion at Kandahar Airfield.