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Turkish company to build new runway at Tbilisi Airport

Thursday, August 14
The Turkish company "AV Georgia will build a new airport runway under the new agreement with the operator of the Tbilisi International Airport. The validity period of the contract will not be extended, Georgian Deputy Minister of Economy Dimitri Kumsishvili told "Kommersant" radio on August 11.

He stated that the contract with "TAV Georgia" is valid until 2027. There was also a memorandum until 2037. But the matter rests in amending the agreement until 2027. Functioning of the new runway will be guaranteed for 20 years.

"The contract with the Turkish company was to be issued until July 31. However, due to the holidays in Turkey, the company's representatives failed to arrive in Georgia," Kumsishvili added. "The agreement is expected to be approximately signed on August 14."

He stated that the updated agreement comprising both the old and new liabilities of the company must be signed. (