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Rally against Kazantip festival

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, August 15
A peaceful rally was held in Anaklia against the Kazantip festival on August 14. Clergymen and the parish members walked from St. Nikoloz Church in Anaklia after the church service was over.

However, the protesters were not allowed to pass Ganmukhuri Bridge in Anaklia.

Police were mobilized and did not allow protesters to pass the bridge.

Father Giorgi Razmadze stated that they wanted to take a look at the place where the festival will be taking place.

“We have information that people will sell drugs during the festival, we will never let this happen,” stated Razmadze.

The protesters held banners saying: “Kazantip is immoral”, Do not turn Georgia into Sodom and Gomorra”, “We ask the government not to promote immorality…”

One of the clergy members stated that they had nothing against a musical festival. However, drugs, alcohol and immoral activities on the beach were unacceptable.

Representatives of the non-parliamentary opposition were also taking part in the event, stating that it is shameful when the government supports prostitution.

Non-parliamentary opposition member Dimitri Lortkipanidze said that he is interested in the opinion of both sides.

Meanwhile, the head of the Kazantip festival Nikita Marshunok made a statement that he was ready to meet with the clergymen and explain all details to them.

“I have a feeling that they have no idea what Kazantip festival really is, that’s why I want to talk to them. People need to calm down, as this is just an electronic festival; nothing bad is going to happen here. The only reason why the entrance is closed is that we have important devices inside. I don’t remember any festival by us that caused so many problems,” stated Marshunok.

The Head of the Economic Development Center Roman Gotsiridze, said that ministers must pay attention to the processes in Anaklia and do their best for the festival’s success.

“If the festival ends with good results I am sure they will state that this is their merit, but if something goes wrong they will blame the organizers,” stated Gotsiridze.

The Kazantip festival will be held in Anaklia, from 20-30 August. The festival buildings will be finished soon. Attending the festival costs GEL300. Presumably, accommodation and food prices will be doubled during the festival.