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UNM leaderís hidden assets

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, August 21
The Chief Prosecutorís Office has expressed interest over the money possessed by the ex-Parliament Chair and one of the leaders of the United National Movement Davit Bakradze. Bakradze might be officially accused in violation of legislation. The issue concerns the document that was released by one of the news agencies on Wednesday.

Bakradze served as the chairman of Georgiaís Parliament from June 7, 2008, to October 21, 2012, and during this time had to indicate at the asset declaration if he or his family members had cash worth more than 4,000 GEL.

The opposition member might be accused of violating the law after not declaring more than half a million GEL when he took office.

According to the document that was released by the agency, Bakradze had a bank account with London-based HSBC bank which contained ?261,757 (754,700 GEL). However at the Asset Declaration, Bakradze declared he only had 15,000 GEL and $10,000 USD cash.

The Prosecutorís Office has confirmed that they have started studying the case. The office claims that they will make a statement over the issue a bit later.

Bakradze has not yet made a statement over the issue.

Bakradze's previous assignments include member of Parliament from the United National Movement (April 2004-July 2007), Minister for the Conflict Issues (July 2007-January 2008), Minister of Foreign Affairs (January 2008-April 2008), and the President of Georgia's special envoy to NATO and the European Union (April 2008-June 2008).