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The threat from “little green men”

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, August 26
NATO is launching a battle against “little green men”. A statement over the issue was made by the NATO Commander-in-Chief in Europe Philip Breedlove. He appealed to NATO member states to re-evaluate the situation in Ukraine and look deeper at the occurrence of unidentified soldiers fighting against government armed forces.

The term “little green men” emerged after the occupation of Crimea, when professional soldiers without any identification marks managed to annex the area. Everyone knew that the “little green men” were Russian military division members. The suspicion was also backed with evidence. However, Russian officials have denied any direct interference in Crimea.

Nevertheless, Russian President Vladimir Putin later awarded Russian soldiers for successfully holding the Crimean referendum.

Breedlove stresses that the “little Green men” create bases for political and social destabilization and the soldiers might be used by Russia again in Eastern Ukraine.(If not used already!?)

“We should instruct our forces to be ready,” Bridlove said. Kurt Volker, former Ambassador of the United States to NATO claims that Russia must be opposed.

Georgian military analyst Giorgi Tavdgiridze explains that “they will appear in the regions, which have some ethnic problem, and where separatist intentions might be encouraged. Donetsk, Lugansk, Crimea, Abkhazia and Ossetia are the regions where separatism might be supported. Russia uses the lever and creates confrontations. After the regions, the ‘little green men’ might appear in Latvia and Estonia, as both countries have a considerable number of ethnic Russians,” the analyst said, adding that the armed forces of the two countries will not be able to resist the “green men” and they will require international assistance in this regard.

NATO generals believe that fighting against “the green men” means fighting against Russian imperialistic intentions.

As for Georgia, it was stated that Russia might use the “green men” in Javakheti and some other regions that are populated by ethnic Armenians, Russians and other non-Georgians. However, Russia is currently engaged with Ukrainian issues so the appearance of these men are less likely in the near future.