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Bakradze answers prosecutorís questions

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, September 1
The United National Movementís Davit Bakradze had to answer the questions of the Chief Prosecutorís Office on August 29.

Several days ago, the Chief Prosecutorís Office launched an inquiry to investigate the allegations concerning the United National Movement (UNM) Parliament Member David Bakradze, who is accused of not fully declaring his assets.

The Prosecutorís Office is investigating claims Bakradze concealed ?261,757 (754,700 GEL) at the 2014 Asset Declaration of Public Officials.

In particular, the probe aimed to examine the origin of the money which was deposited in two separate bank accounts in the name of Bakradze and his wife with London-based HSBC bank.

Bakradze served as the chairman of Georgiaís Parliament from June 7, 2008, to October 21, 2012, and during this time had to indicate at the asset declaration if he or his family members had cash worth more than 4,000 GEL.

Bakaradze spent 6 hours at the Prosecutorís Office. He stated that he could not answer the questions owing to the MPís immunity. However, according to him, there were questions asked that should be responded to.

Bakradze said that he provided the Chief-Prosecutorís Office with the full financial picture of his assets. He stressed that the money in question was his father-in-lawís, gained after selling his own apartment.

ďThen he gave the money to my wife and my children will be able to use the assets after 10 years. As the money could not be used for ten years, I could not write about it in my declaration,Ē Bakradze said.

The UNM members had stated that the case was related to political persecution. However, majority MPs stressed that the issue had nothing to do with politics.