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Georgia moves to second phase of action plan on visa liberalization

Friday, September 5
Georgia has complied with the obligations under the first phase of the action plan on visa liberalization with the EU, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Tamar Beruchashvili said Sept.3.

As she said at the meeting of the working group on the liberalization of the visa regime between Georgia and the European Union, Georgia has made large-scale and impressive results.

Beruchashvili expressed hope that the country might as well cope with the tasks of the second phase.

As for yesterday's meeting, she said that a new calendar will be planned and all the obligations will be distributed to the specific departments.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the coordinating agency, is actively cooperating with the relevant structures of the European Commission on the implementation of the action plan of visa liberalization. It should be noted that all of the obligations of the first phase have been complied. In particular, up to 45 legislative changes and 30 regulations, as well as eight strategies have been adopted. At the same time, seven international conventions have been ratified," Beruchashvili said.

She added that according to preliminary conclusions, the Commission commends the implementation of the first phase, and at the moment the work on the second report of the European Commission which will form the basis for a transition to the second phase is underway. (