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Russia to form a counter-balance to NATO?

By Messenger Staff
Friday, September 5
Prior to the NATO Wales Summit, Russian media reported that the country intends to create a military union with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. This news has caused controversy in Georgia. The United National Movement opposition is demanding a strong reaction from the government, while the Georgian Dream coalition states that the formation of such a union will not create any real changes.

According to the “ambassador” of de-facto Abkhazia in South Ossetia Oleg Boitsev, the collaboration agreement signed between Abkhazia and Russia might become military. He states that South Ossetia might also join the military memorandum. Boitsev stresses that the new organization will play a similar role as NATO in the region, opposing the North Atlantic Alliance’s enlargement interests.

Analyst Mamuka Areshidze believes that this development is related to the Ukrainian conflict.

“This step will take the whole military segment of the de -facto regions and Russia will use the territories for its interests against NATO and the West,” the analyst said.

Minority member Givi Targamadze says that the current government must appeal to the international community and clearly state that Russia is an occupant and not a friend, as Ivanishvili and Gharibashvili are trying to say.

Commenting on the issue, Georgian Dream member Irakli Chikovani emphasized that from a military point of view, none of the occupied regions create any threat for Georgia.

“Georgia faces military threat only from Russia. Through the creation of any military union on the de-facto territories the threats do not change,” Chikovani said.

The different approaches vividly show the differences between the previous and current governments in terms of Russia. What is better-open confrontation with Russia, or refraining from irritation of the occupant country?

Ironically, South Ossetia had no information concerning the issue and even called the information “irresponsible.” However, if Russia really decides to create such a union, the de-facto South Ossetian government will accept the proposal with joy.