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Resolution for Ukraine adopted

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, September 5
Georgian Parliament adopted its third resolution supporting Ukraine on September 3. The document offers additional support to Ukraine in light of ongoing Russian aggression in the country. Citing that the resolution does not call on the Georgian government to join western sanctions against Russia and does not accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin for the developments in Ukraine personally, the opposition UNM party did not vote for the Georgian Dream’s proposed version. They had their own document that was not voted on owing to the violation in procedures.

The resolution prepared and confirmed by the Georgian Dream majority reads that Russia is not only supporting, training, arming and funding the separatist forces operations in the south-eastern part of Ukraine, but also carries out open aggression towards Ukraine.

"There is the prospect of a further escalation of tensions between the two countries, and its transformation into a large-scale military conflict clearly threatens regional, as well as international peace and stability."

The resolution also called alarming the growing number of civilian casualties, homeless people and refugees.

"Despite international warnings and negotiations in a variety of formats, Russia is violating internationally-recognized norms and principles, as it is still being carried out in respect to Georgia after the August 2008 war,” the resolution reads.

In the final part of the document, the Georgian government expressed full support to Ukraine’s territorial integrity, condemned Russian aggression and called on the Russian Federation to reject any attempt at solving political or economic disagreements by using force.

The Georgian government also appealed to the international community, to NATO and the EU to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine and solve the emerging humanitarian crisis.

“We call on NATO and the EU to take effective measures to increase the security of Ukraine, as well as Georgia and the Moldovan Republic and with this aim to speed-up their integration into the Euro-Atlantic system,” the resolution reads.

Members of the parliamentary majority, Giorgi Volski and Irakli Machavariani stated that the resolution fully meets with the current international attitude towards Ukraine’s conflict.

“If Russia is not stopped, living in our region will become harder,” Machavariani said.

Opposition MP Chiora Taktakishvili stated that adopting resolutions without joining all the EU sanctions against Russia has no real importance.

Analyst Khatuna Lagazidze told The Messenger that in the current situation, very few things are dependent on Georgia, and that it is one of the most dangerous periods in Georgian history. The country must be very cautious in all its actions.