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Developments in Eurasia change world’s energy map, Azerbaijani minister says

Tuesday, September 9
The developments taking place in Eurasia cause changes in the world's energy map, Azerbaijan's Energy Minister Natig Aliyev said during the 4th informal dialogue meeting of Eastern Partnership countries energy ministers' session in Baku on Sept.8.

The minister drew attention to the recent events taking place in North Africa and Ukraine.

He stressed that it is important to expand the cooperation and to work on the diversification of the energy supply routes in order to strengthen the energy security.

The energy minister went on to add that by late 2014, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey will sign an agreement on electricity transmission under the Energy Bridge project.

He underscored that the intense work under the project for the export of electricity through the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey route is underway.

Touching upon the oil and gas production, as well as electricity generation, Aliyev stressed that Azerbaijan has fully ensured its energy independence.

Additionally, the country has diversified the routes for the electricity supply with three oil and four gas pipelines.