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Vintage reaches final phase

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, September 9
Georgia’s grape vintage has reached its final phase. During this time, the farmers of the Kakheti region have received over 2,000 tons of grapes.

According to the National Wine Agency, nearly 19 tons of grapes have been submitted by 45 wineries for September 6. The same agency informs that the income of locals has exceeded 32 million GEL.

Farmer Gerdia Genezashvili said that he was very satisfied with the suggested price and conditions. The price of Saperavi even exceeded GEL 3 for a kilo. The price of Rkatsiteli is more than GEL 1 for a kilo.

“This year we have been paid a higher price compared to all previous years. I don’t remember such prices on those types of grapes before,” said Genezashvili.

The head of the Telavi Wine Company Marani, Zurab Ramazashvili, said that due to the fact that the price of grapes is high, wine might become more expensive, especially when it comes to red wine, he said.

The head office of Vintage 2014 was opened in Gurjaani on August 20, 2014. Head of the Vintage 2014 is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the National Wine Agency Levan Davitashvili.

According to Davitashvili, municipalities are involved in the process.

“Their involvement will ensure that the vintage is conducted successfully,” Davitashvili stated.

Vintage headquarters are operating 24 hours-a-day, and the grape quantity is integrated into an electronic database system.

As for the price of grapes, Davitashvili said that the price of grapes is decided by the wine companies and the government will not interfere in their decision.