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Changes ahead for Tbilisi infrastructure

Wednesday, September 10
Tbilisi is preparing to undergo a massive overhaul to upgrade some of the cityís vital infrastructure.

Changes will take place above and below ground, with changes earmarked to renovate subway escalators, introduce energy efficient outdoor lighting and create orderly parking areas.

All these changes will be implemented by financial support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania met with EBRDís head of the regional delegation Bruno Balvanera and other members of a specifically established working group to discuss Tbilisiís development and issues preventing such changes.

The group highlighted the bank was ready to implement long-term projects in Tbilisi and money would be loaned with a low percent rate, of which one-third of the amount will be offered as a grant.

Narmania said cooperation with EBRD was very important because the Tbilisi Budget was not large enough to be able to finance all intended projects and in order for this to happen, donors were required.

The Tbilisi Mayor also noted it was necessary to replace the cityís old public transport with more energy efficient vehicles.

Solving the ongoing problem of waste disposal was another problem that desperately needed to be addressed and was a top priority, Narmania said. Establishment of a new recycling centre was also on the cards and would help address the problem, he believed.

The Tbilisi Mayor emphasized the Mayor's Office was actively involved in preparatory work for the EBRD annual conference, which will be held in May 2015. (