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Georgian Dream split over impeachment issue

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, September 10
The Georgian Dream party leaders have slammed the Georgian Dream faction of the Supreme Council of Adjara autonomous republic, which has demanded the regional government`s impeachment.

Irakli Sesiashvili from the Georgian Dream says the decision had not been agreed upon with the political council and the leadership of the party, describing this act as a lack of discipline.

The party leader summoned the political council at a meeting to go through the details of the scandal.

Meanwhile, the members of the Georgian Dream faction of the Adjara Supreme Council, who have declared mistrust to the regional government, plan to hold daily briefings and press conferences to inform the society about the wrongdoings of the senior officials. They intend to reveal documentations in order to show why they disapprove of the local administrationís work.

The MPs say the most of the complaints are tied to the misappropriation of state funds and the lack of professionalism and effectiveness in their work.

Another group of the ruling party members in Adjara disagrees with their colleagues and refuse to take part in the impeachment.

The Supreme Council needs 14 out of the 21 votes to impeach the government. The opposition has already declared that they will support their colleagues to impeach the government.

There is speculation that the current developments are related to a controversy between the vice-speaker of the parliament and an MP Murman Dumbadze, as well as Archil Khabadze, Head of the Adjara Autonomous Republic Government. The controversy appears to be related to the staff that was supported by Dumbadze but was removed by Khabadze.

On its part, Khabadze states that the local government appropriately fulfills its duty and there is no need of any reshuffle.