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International Exercise ‘Sea Breeze 2014’

Thursday, September 18
The International Maritime Exercise ‘Sea Breeze 2014’ was held in Ukraine. Together with the Navy of NATO member and partner nations as well as those from the Black Sea regional countries, Maritime Defence Department officers of General Staff of GAF participated in the drills. The goal of the annual multinational training was to provide maritime security and to enhance interaction and coordination among the Navy of Black Sea and NATO partner countries. The Georgian officers along with the foreign military were carrying out coordination between the ground forces and the vessels, as well as force controlling and management from the administrative HQ of the Odessa NAVY base. The Ukrainian vessel H. SAHAIDACHNIY took part in the exercise. A Georgian army officer side by side with the foreign military was engaged in the process of planning communications, search and rescue, force protection and navigation operations. Towards the end of the exercise, the representatives of Maritime Defence Department of GS were awarded certificates for successfully fulfilling the coordinating officers` duties. The US-Ukrainian International Multinational Exercise Sea Breeze 2014 is held annually. Together with the Georgian officers, 2000 troops from Ukraine, the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and Rumania were involved in the training. The following vessels also participated in the drills: Vessel ,,ROSS” (USA); Frigates ,,TORONTO” (Canada), ,,ADM DE BORBON” (Spain), ,,E.SEBASTIAN” and ,,R.FERDINAND” (Rumania); Corvette ,,BUYUKADA” (Turkey); Vessel ,,H.SAHAIDACHNIY” (Ukraine)) and other types of ships.