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Noise pollution to be addressed

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, September 19
An individual or an object causing noise between the hours of 11pm and 7 am will be fined. This initiative belongs to Tbilisi Sakrebulo member, Aleko Elisashvili.

The restriction will concern loud music from bars and restaurants, as well as fireworks.

There are streets in Tbilisi in which most bars and restaurants are located. Customers start visiting them from 9 o’clock in the evening and the service continues till the early morning.

The people living near those streets state that they are irritated with the situation. They claim that they have addressed different bodies several times without any outcome.

“We wrote down more than 11 statements in this regard, however, there still is no solution, we cannot sleep at night. Of course, there must be regulations, because there is no other way,” said Keti Kritchidze, resident of one of the streets.

According to Elisashvili, the rights of the people must be defended.

“Changes in the code are necessary, there must be solid fines if we want to solve the problem,” stated Elisashvili.

He said that the patrol police should monitor the situation.

Owners of the bars stated that such a law will destroy their business. “We try to keep music down, but customers who visit us are here for fun and they insist that the music be louder,” said one of the owners.

The amount of the fines, as well as other regulations and changes with regard of making noise will be determined by the city council next week.