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Carrefour will export products from Armenia – PAP MP

Thursday, September 25

The world-renowned French Carrefour hypermarket chain will export Armenian products.

Non-pro-government Prosperous Armenia Party National Assembly Faction member, economist Mikayel Melkumyan expressed such a conviction to Armenian, responding to the query on whether Carrefour’s forthcoming opening in Armenia will put an end to the monopoly in the country.

‘“I assess Carrefour’s opening very positively because Carrefour brings its culture by coming to Armenia. Carrefour offers its customers products that meet standards.

“In addition, Carrefour will not only import, but, through its channels, it will export Armenian products to Carrefour’s global network; I consider this a positive component, too,” Melkumyan stated.

Carrefour is slated to open in Armenia by no later than late October. (