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Georgian inventors create interest-based social network

Friday, October 10
Three Georgian men have developed a mobile device application that connect people with the same interests by providing a platform to meet, exchange information and set up events.

Their creation - was described as a platform where people can create interest-based communities and find like-minded people around the world.

In recent months creators have undertaken vigorous testing to improve their product, released the latest version of the app and planned to launch the app to the public in the near future.

"The platform is totally new and innovative”, said George Dalakishvili, the man behind the idea and co-founder of

The app was first developed in 2013 and was another form of communication on the Internet, which unlike other social networks, united people with common interest, such as hobbies, professions or tastes.

In an interview with Georgian media outlet Commersant, another of the app founders Shalva Bukia said this social network was unique in the fact it did not connect people by mutual friends but by interests. He said other social media such as Facebook, Google + or Instagram, united people using a database where the registered person’s classmates, co-workers, friends and others were gathered.

"We unite people around interests. If somebody is interested in mountaineering or biking and his friends do not share it [they will not be connected]. The goal of this network is to find people who share the same interests as you,” Bukia said.

So far about $200,000 USD has been invested into the creation of the social network. The founders predict they will make a profit when they generate a large number of users and through advertisements. (