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Government aims to attract Diaspora

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, October 14
Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili claims that the government of Georgia is ready to support involvement of the Georgian Diaspora in the government reconstruction process. The PM made the statement at the Diaspora Economic Forum on October 13.

He stressed that it is important for Georgia to maximally use the potential of its diasporas.

Gharibashvili was confident that the Economic Forum would contribute to the representatives of the Diaspora to be involved in the processes taking place in Georgia and give them an opportunity to contact the government and business representatives directly.

"Our government is ready to support Georgian Diaspora representatives, in order to develop entrepreneurship in our own country. We will take care to create all the conditions for attracting as much Diaspora investment as possible,” the Prime Minister stated.

Irakli Garibashvili noted with satisfaction that Georgia is the first post-Soviet country to become a member of the International Diaspora Engagement Alliance.

The Prime Minister believes that membership in the alliance founded by Hillary Clinton will significantly increase the popularity of the Georgian Diaspora in the US and other countries.

He also welcomed the creation of lobbying groups and hoped that compatriots living abroad with their great potential and activities will support the popularization of Georgia around the world and will contribute the country's development and progress.

The Diaspora Economic Forum was also attended by members of the Cabinet of Ministers and representatives of the Diplomatic Corps.

United States Ambassador to Georgia Richard Norland stated that there are many Georgians living abroad, and have a great desire to return and share their knowledge and experience to their people.

“There are doctors who hold conferences in Georgia. There are people of other professions who wish to somehow assist their country. The conference aims at the intensification of the process and more involvement of Georgian diaspora representatives in Georgia’s development. Those people who achieve success abroad always try to contribute to their home-country’s advancement and we should mobilize this resource,” Norland said.