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SOCAR Georgia Petroleum releases statement on TV report aired by Rustavi 2

Wednesday, October 15
SOCAR Georgia Petroleum has released a statement on the story aired by the Rustavi 2 channel’s program “Business Courier” on 4 October, 2014.

“According to the Rustavi 2 channel, there is a violation of the rules at the Natural Gas Fueling Stations belonging to SOCAR Georgia Petroleum in Georgia. The company addresses the editorial board of the Rustavi 2 channel’s program “Business Courier” to invite experts to examine any Natural Gas Fueling Station belonging to SOCAR Georgia Petroleum in Georgia”, the statement says.

According to the statement, it is the only way to establish the truth.

“Our Natural Gas Fueling Stations are equipped with CNG compressors manufactured by Galileo”, the statement reads.

Galileo has been the global supplier and technology leader since 1983. It covers all the stages in the gaseous fuel process, from vehicle conversion to gas compression, adjustment and transport equipment.

“According to an official representative of Galileo, in some cases digits may be corrected on gas station signs, however, this process takes place without any error. We declare with full responsibility that SOCAR Georgia Petroleum doesn’t mislead its customers”, the statement says. (Frontnews)