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Friday, October 17
Young men arrested for robbing church

Police have arrested two individuals for the robbery of the Saint Barbara church. According to the Interior Ministry, the young men, 15 and 17, were arrested in Tbilisi.

The Ministry says that on the night of October 14 the detainees broke down the door of Saint Barbara church and the church’s donation box, from which they stole money. They also took crosses, icons and various items. Law enforcement officers arrested the suspects two days after the crime. Both detainees have pleaded guilty. An investigation is being conducted into this incident of robbery. (IPN)

Georgian solders awarded in Afghanistan

Georgian solders serving in Afghanistan have been honored for their contribution to the international peacekeeping mission.

Georgian military servicemen participating in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission were awarded with special certificates and coins for carrying out a successful mission at Afghanistan’s Kandahar Air Base.

Their recent mission was to protect the Air Base and eliminate activities from their rivals. This was completed successfully and efficiently, said Commander of the ISAF Joint Command Lieutenant General Joseph Anderson.

He awarded the Georgian servicemen special coins for their contribution to ensuring the base’s security. The ceremony was held at Kandahar Air Base, yesterday.

Meanwhile liaison officer of the Special Mountain Battalion of the Georgian Armed Forces (GAF) Major Imeda Gvinjilia also received a special award for his excellent service. He was presented a certificate at the ceremony for perfect military activities.

The GAF Special Mountain Battalion is expected to fulfil their duties within the ISAF mission in the near future and return to Georgia in a few weeks’ time.

Georgian soldiers have served under the Georgian flag for the past four years on a rotation basis in the ISAF mission. Georgia was the largest non-NATO contributor to this mission.

Twenty-nine Georgian soldiers have died while serving in the ISAF mission. All were killed in action while serving in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. A further 435 Georgian soldiers have been wounded in action, 35 of whom were now amputees, claimed ISAF. (

Georgian Interior Ministry investigates former government’s activities

The Georgian Interior Ministry is investigating the activity of the former ruling party "United National Movement".

The investigation is conducted under Article 315 of the Georgian Criminal Code (conspiracy or rebellion to change the constitutional order by using force), Georgian Deputy Interior Minister Levan Izoria told Rustavi-2 TV Company.

“In early September, Interior Minister Alexander Chikaidze accused ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili of an intention to organize riots in Georgia,” he said.

The minister claims that the ex-president instructed his colleagues to create a group of 500 people for organizing provocations in the country.

“These groups were to provoke the police to force majeure situations, to carry out aggressive protests by manipulating different themes, such as the crime situation, social and economic issues, relations with Russia, the problems of internally displaced persons, to provoke strikes at strategic facilities and so on. (

IDFI releases inforamtion about Imereti local government’s bonuses

The Institute for Development and Freedom of Information has released inforamtion about the Imereti local government’s bonuses, remunerations and other expenses.

According to the information, in 2013 bonuses were actively issued in the Imereti region like other regions. For example, in the Kutaisi City Hall 1.870,045 GEL was issued as bonuses; in the Sachkhere municipal administration – 599,480 GEL; in the Chiatura municipal administration 197,570 GEL, Chiatura City Council – 94,080 GEL; Baghdati municipal administration – 78,390 GEL.

In addition, as of March 2014 there were 9 cars in the Vani municipal administration and city council. The most expensive vehicle is Toyota Hilux that was bought for 42,859 GEL in 2012". As for the Sachkehere municipality, they have 11 cars. (IPN)

Sokhumi detainee: I am not being provided with food

The wife of Levan Bughashvili, who is now detained in Abkhazia states that her husband has not been provided with food at the Sokhumi remand center.

As Mzia Dumbadze told InterPressNews, her husband has phoned for the first time and said they don’t even have a lawyer.

“His health condition has not worsened, but it will be bad if they have nothing to eat,’’- Mzia Dumbadze said.

Two residents of Khoni municipality were detained by separatists while crossing the Enguri Bridge on October 5. They worked as nut pickers in Gali. (IPN)