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Minister of Justice awaits strong response from Kublashvili

By Messenger Staff
Friday, October 24
Tbilisi City Court announced the resolution part of a verdict against former Interior and Defense Minister Bachana Akhalaia on October 22. Following the development, Tbilisi City Court stated that Judge Beso Bugianishvili, who presided over the case, received an insulting SMS from United National Movement MP Akakai Minashvili. The Tbilisi City Court condemned the fact and took it as an attempt to discredit the court.

Minister of Justice Thea Tsulukiani stated that she was awaiting a very strict assessment of the incident by the Chair of the Supreme Court Kote Kublashvili.

“The letter must be studied, and only after can it be determined whether it should be considered pressure on the judge or not… It is a fact that the United National Movement cannot refrain from its illegal communication with judges. I am waiting for Kote Kublashvili’s strong statement over the issue,” Tsulukiani said.

Kublashvili, who frequently criticizes the minister of justice for her “negative” attitude to judges and towards him, has not yet made a statement regarding the case.

Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili called on the relevant agencies to inquire about Akaki Minashvili’s actions.

“No one will be allowed to exert pressure on the court, no matter if it is a representative of the government or the opposition. This is categorically unacceptable,» Gharibahsvili said.

Responding to the speculations, Minashvili publicized his short message.

‘’In response to the Tbilisi City Court, I am making my SMS message public. The message was sent to judge Beso Bugianishvili after the announcement of the clearly illegal judgment against Bacho Akhalaia. My message said: ‘’Show this message to whomever you want – I will tell you in a simple way and I will tell you in public that you are everybody’s slave!" Minashvili said.

Former Minister of Interior Affairs and Defense Bacho Akhalaia was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison. The judge announced the verdict in conjunction conviction with the so-called Navtlughi special operation. Four former officials: Bacho Akhalaia, Giorgi Mazmishvili, Levan Kardava and Megis Kardava were found guilty on October 22.