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Friday, October 31
NATO Secretary General plans to meet Irakli Gharibashvili

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg plans to meet with Georgia’s Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili. He made this statement in Brussels at the German Marshal Center.

As per him, he will discuss the substantial package Georgia received at the Wales summit.

“NATO’s open-door policy is very successful. I attended Bucharest summit where we made a decision about Georgia. Now I, as Secretary General am responsible for the substantial package implementation. I will meet the Georgian PM very soon in order to discuss this substantial package,’’- NATO Secretary General said.

“I would like to stress that Georgia is a powerful partner - it takes part in many NATO operations. Georgia has contributed greatly in the Afghanistan mission. I would also like to welcome to reforms and progress Georgia has achieved especially in terms of armed forces,’’- Jens Stoltenberg stated.

Public Broadcaster has released his statement. (IPN)

Leaflets in Sokhumi against treaty

Those, who are against the agreement on integration and alliance between Russia and occupied Abkhazia, have distributed a number of leaflets to call on Abkhazians to protest against the signing of the above-mentioned document.

“The current government deprives Abkhazians of their freedom and independence obtained as a result of the bloody patriotic war”, a leaflet says.

According to these leaflets, Abkhazians should not allow to the de-facto government to sign this agreement. “This will destroy our country. Russia has always been and will remain as our strategic partner and ally; however it does not need miserable Abkhazia”, the leaflet says. (Frontnews)

Sopo Japaridze appointed as PM’s advisor

Former Deputy Minister of Legal Assistance and Corrections Sopo Japaridze has been appointed as the PM’s advisor for human rights and gender equality issues.

The Prime Minister introduced Sopo Japaridze at the cabinet meeting today.

"Japaridze is a lawyer by profession. She was an EU project manager. Earlier, she was Deputy Minister of Legal Assistance and Corrections. She has a great deal of experience in working in international and non-governmental organizations. As you know our government has a National Human Rights Strategy and Action Plan, efficient implementation of which is very important for us. I am sure Ms. Sophie will properly fulfill this duty," said the Prime Minister. (Ipn)

IS sends Omar al-Shishani to Kobani

Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS and ISIL) has sent Abu Omar al-Shishani to Kobani, Kurdish media network Rudaw reports.

Kobani, on Turkey's southeastern border, has been encircled by Islamic State fighters for more than a month.

An unnamed source inside Islamic State headquarters in Syria’s Raqqa province told Rudaw that Abu Omar al-Shishani, a prominent Chechen fighter, “has been ordered to leave the Shingal area in Iraq, where ISIS forces are currently laying siege to thousands of Yazidi civilians protected by Yazidi brigades and Kurds from Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.”

Abu Omar al-Shishani is “considered one of their most powerful military leaders,” Rudaw reports.

According to the source, a large number of IS jihadists will be deployed to Kobani from Raqqa.

The source spoke about infighting within IS saying “foreign fighters, known as Muhajirin, were complaining that their Syrian counterparts were not bearing the brunt of the organization’s high-casualty attacks.”

According to Rudaw, “IS is preparing to deploy reinforcements to Idlib province, southeast of Aleppo, to try to dilute the concentration of US-led coalition airstrikes in Kobani”

The Islamic State group launched its offensive on Kobani and nearby Syrian villages in mid-September, killing more than 800 people, according to activists. The Sunni extremists captured dozens of Kurdish villages around Kobani and control parts of the town. More than 200,000 people have fled across the border into Turkey. (Frontnews)

PM Comments on UNM’s Planned Protest Rally

PM Irakli Garibashvili said that opposition UNM party’s plan to hold a protest rally on November 15 is “ridiculous.”

Accusing the government of “doing nothing” to counter Moscow’s attempts to “annex” Abkhazia, UNM said it will hold a protest rally in Tbilisi center on November 15.

“It’s ridiculous of course. I don’t want to comment on a protest rally announced by some traitors,” PM Garibashvili told journalists on October 29.

“I was told that they [UNM] are planning certain provocations,” he continued. “The fact that they don’t care about Abkhazia, our country, our citizens, is not news and we all know it very well. The fact that Abkhazia and Ossetia are occupied, the fact that 20 percent of [Georgia’s] territory is occupied by Russia is because of them [UNM]. We lost Kodori [gorge in breakaway Abkhazia in 2008] and more than 100 villages [in breakaway South Ossetia in 2008] and received 25,000 more displaced people as a result of their [UNM’s] policies and now they are planning a protest rally – against what? They [UNM] should be holding protest rally against themselves.”

“I have been informed that they [UNM] are planning provocations and they need this planned rally in order to plot these provocations. They are planning to pay 15 Lari to citizens, to poor citizens, whom they are planning to bring in [Tbilisi] from regions and villages and to then make them beat each other – that’s the [United] National Movement and I don’t want to waste time on them,” the PM said. (