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Certification tests to take place at mayor’s office

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, November 3
Only 40% of participants managed to receive at least a minimal certifying score for the Mayor’s Office staff members on November 1.

486 applicants took the test out of the registered 563.

The successful participants will have to pass another stage – interviews - from November 7 to November 14.

Participants needed to answer 60 questions. Applicants had two hours to finish the test.

The test was composed with questions from the Georgian Constitution, from the European Charter for Local Government, from the Administrative Code of Georgia and so on.

The ones who failed the test can appeal the results any time and will receive an answer within a few days.

The Head of the National Examination Centre Maia Miminoshvili said that the barrier was too high. “However, the fact that 40% of participants crossed the 75% barrier is a good result,” stated Miminoshvili.

Member of the UNM Giorgi Vashadze stated that Mayor’s Office wanted to free as many vacancies as possible. “They raised the barrier and gave examples of tests to some employees who they wanted to keep on staff. The other places they kept open for their relatives. It is pity that so many professional staff members will be lost,” stated Vashadze.

The Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Alexandre Margishvili answered to the statement of the UNM. According to Margishvili the ones who failed the test will be kept on position till December 2014 and then will have possibility to take part in new competition.

“We want professionals in our staff, that is the reason why the barrier was so high,” stated Margishvili.

Another member of the UNM accentuated the fact that the Mayor’s Office banned the video taping of the test.

Members of non-governmental organizations also agreed on the fact that video monitoring and transparency of the process is necessary.

Lawyer of the Georgian Young Lawyer Association (GYLA) Irina Pavlishavili said that the next tour must be monitored by NGOs.