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Tuesday, November 4
Giorgi Margvelashvili attends UN Conference

The President of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili, is attending the United Nations Second Conference of the Land-locked Developing Countries in the city of Vienna, Austria.

The conference was opened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The leaders of various countries are attending the meeting.

According to President's Adviser for Economic Affairs Giorgi Abashishvili, the United Nations Conference of the Land-locked Developing Countries is one of the most important events.

“Georgia has a special role in this area and that’s why it is important for Georgia to participate in this conference. Too many countries use our transit function. This once again underlines our important role", said Abashishvili.

Sharp drop in temperature

There will be a very sharp drop in temperature in coming days in Georgia, weather forecasters said on Monday.

Weather forecasters said the temperature could fall to -9°C in high-mountain areas in western Georgia.

The port of Poti has been closed due to bad weather.

Poti was hit by heavy rain and strong winds on Monday.

A new medicine for treatment of hepatitis C in Georgia

It refers to the medicine "sofosbuvir", which, in the words of the Minister of Health of Georgia, provides much higher rate of treatment.

"Hepatitis C virus infection is a serious problem in Georgia. The interest of state aims to make medicines more accessible to the population. The new agent has appeared, which provides much higher rate of treatment. Negotiations on the new medicine have been underway for several months. I’ll refrain from delving into details, since the negotiation process is not over yet, but I have optimal expectations. As for the price of the new medicine, the latter is most expensive in the world,"- Sergeenko said.

Two Chechens deported from Kutaisi airport

Two ethnic Chechens with Russian citizenship left the Kutaisi International Airport on November 2.

The citizens, detained at the Kutaisi airport yesterday, departed for Moscow by a Kutaisi-Moscow flight.

The Border Service officers said two Russian citizens were not allowed to enter the territory of Georgia because they could not answer the border guards’ questions.

The Public Defender's Office also got involved in the case. Ombudsman’s attorney Madonna Basiladze told reporters that the Ombudsman would make a comment after studying the case.

According to the NGO Caucasian House, the head of one of the Chechen youth non-governmental organizations was arrested at Kutaisi international airport yesterday. He arrived in Kutaisi from Budapest. He was going to stay in Tbilisi and then leave for Grozny. However, he was arrested at the border without any explanation.

Georgian ombudsman against use of video in children’s psychology sessions

Georgia’s public defender recommends that the Ministry of Education reconsiders a decision to allow the use of photo and video recordings of children during psychologist consultations.

A psychology center for school children was opened in spring 2013. The new center was an initiative by the Education Ministry and is staffed with psychologists, children psychiatrists and social workers. It caters to children aged 6 to 18 and their closest family.

There are similar centers in several cities in Georgia.

Soon the center is to host children and other patients in a special room equipped with a video camera, according to the ombudsman, which means that meetings between minors and psychologists will be recorded on video, in order to be used in the future.

In his recommendation the ombudsman explains that such use of video recordings is an ‘unlawful and unjustified interference’ in the privacy of minors.
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