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Department of Correction and Ministry of Corrections to merge?

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, November 5
The Department of Correction and the Ministry of Corrections might be merging.

First Deputy Minister of Corrections Kakhi Kakhishvili mentioned the possible amendment about a month ago.

According to the Ministry of Corrections, implementation of the initiative depends on governmental procedures.

According to the Head of the Corrections Department Shalva Khutsishili, the project regarding the amendments was prepared by the ministry and was sent to various agencies, non-governmental organizations, and to international partners.

“We have already received answers from the legal bodies and organizations. We studied them and took their views into account. Soon the minister will present the amendments to the government in order for the amendments to be initiated to parliament,” stated Khutsishvili.

According to the amendments, the Department of Correction’s budget will also be combined with the ministry. Currently they have their own budgets.

Khustsishvili has not commented on the possible staff reshuffle.

Public Defender of Georgia Ucha Nanuashvili is against the unification. He states that Georgia should move towards a new European model. Nanuashvili also stresses that there should not be a ministry in the country that focuses only on prisons.

“Time will reveal what the outcome of the unification will be. In general, I believe that the Ministry of Corrections should not be merged with the Department of Corrections under the umbrella of the Ministry of Justice.

Nanuahsvili admits that Georgia requires a normal prison system and not the “ugly” one inherited from the past.