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Small business faces problems

Friday, November 7
Much is spoken about the importance of small business. However, problems remain as problems without any real addressing. Large business is growing its scales in the country, while small and middle ones are practically drowning. According to the Prime Minister, during the last three years, number of big payers have increased, the budget income has reached 3 million GEL in this regard, and such companies’ income meets 4.5 billion GEL. It should be stated that turnout of small and middle business remains the same and still is 1 billion GEL. Part of analysts believes that small and middle businesses are being ignored by the government and more attention is focused on monopole structures. “Small business is the main lever of employing locals. There is no policy in the country to promote the field. Conditions that are suggested by the government are restricted, giving no chance to small and middle businesses,” Analyst Demur Giorkhelidze says, adding that large, small and middle businesses should not be rated in the same way.