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Armenia to receive over 34 million euro from EU next year

Friday, November 7
The European Union will allocate more than 34 million to Armenia next year, Deputy Finance Minister Pavel Safaryan during debates on the 2015 draft budget.

The amount will be allocated in the form of targeted and general grants. The official explained that the targeted grants are issued for specific programs, and the government cannot spend them on other projects.

“Next year EU will allocate 34. 387 million euro as a targeted grant which will be distributed in three directions: 6.120 million for upgrading of Bagratashen and Bavra checkpoints, 2 million for modernization of checkpoints in general, and 2.8 million to provide small villages with water. Another 20 million euro will be transferred to the budget as a support for the implementation of education reforms,” Safaryan said. (