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European cruise ship operator launches new Batumi route

Thursday, November 13
A leading international cruise ship operator has decided to launch a new country-hopping tour that will depart from Georgia’s Black Sea coastal city Batumi.

Georgia has been named as one departure point for a new 12-day trip with European ferry company Paradise Cruise & Ferry.

The trip will begin in Batumi, Georgia and travel north to Sochi, Russia, and then through the Black Sea to Turkey’s major city of Istanbul. After this the ship will travel through the Aegean Sea, past the Greek Islands to its next destination Limassol, Cyprus before ending in Haifa, Israel. On its return, the ship will travel back along its earlier route and end in Batumi.

Company representatives noted the trip was a unique opportunity to visit interesting cities of the Black Sea area without needing a visa. The trip will last for 12 days.

Passengers can begin their holiday from Batumi or choose any of the five other destinations to begin their journey. They can choose to stay on board for a few nights or the whole 12-day trip, the company said.

Customers wanting to begin their trip in Batumi and continue the whole journey to Haifa and back for the 12-day trip can expect to pay anywhere from ˆ2,400 - ˆ4,512 (5,266 - 11,556 GEL) for their sea holiday.

Paradise Cruise & Ferry was founded in 2013 by investors from Russia and the European Union (EU). Its main office is located in Malta. (