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Global survey reveals international bribery risk

Monday, November 17
The risk of business bribery is low in Georgia, claim results of the first global business bribery survey by international risk assessment experts TRACE Matrix.

Georgia ranked 11thout of 197 countries after gaining a score of 27 points on the TRACE Matrix business bribery index, which scored countries anywhere from 0-100 points depending on their risk of business bribery.

In the survey countries were assessed across four domains business interactions with the government, anti-bribery laws and enforcement, government and civil service transparency, and the capacity for civil society oversight, including the role of the media as well as nine sub-domains.

Ireland, Canada and New Zealand were revealed as the top three countries with lowest risk of business bribery while Nigeria, Yemen and Angola had the highest risk.

TRACE Matrix, in collaboration with RAND Corporation, developed the business bribery index to give the global business community a powerful new tool to assess the risk of business bribery.

The TRACE Matrix calculated a composite score for each country anywhere from 1-100, where the higher the score, the greater risk of business bribery.

TRACE president Alexandra Wrage believed the TRACE Matrix index was designed to help companies assess the propensity for public-sector bribery and its associated business risk while providing actionable intelligence to inform a company's compliance processes.

According to the TRACE Matrix index, the 10 countries with the highest business bribery risk score are: Nigeria, Yemen, Angola, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Guinea, Burundi, Chad, South Sudan and Vietnam.

The 10 countries with the lowest business bribery risk scores are: Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Sweden, Finland, Singapore, Japan, Germany and the United States.