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Crisis in Ukraine challenges Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, November 19
The situation in Ukraine is getting more and more complicated. This is making Russian-Western relations gradually strained. These developments put Georgia in a hard position. Russia takes Georgia as its zone of influence, while at the same time Georgia is moving towards NATO and the EU. Georgia was also affected by Russia’s neo-imperialist approaches in 2008, much earlier than Ukraine was this year.

As different sources confirm, Moscow is sending more troops to Ukraine’s eastern regions, which are controlled by separatist forces. There are talks that Russia is preparing for a large-scale offensive against Ukraine. Although Ukraine does not want the conflict, its government stresses they are ready for “total war.”

“I am not afraid of Russia. Our army is prepared much more than it was five years ago. We are supported by the whole civilized world. We want peace, but we are forced to be involved in the confrontation,” Ukrainian President Poroshenko said.

The G20 meeting once again revealed that Russia does not pay much attention to western opinion. Just on the contrary, Putin warns and threatens the international community. Russian President Vladimir Putin is accusing the United States and the West of reawakening the Cold War and using double standards. Putin named Kosovo as evidence of his words.

“When we talk about Crimea we should not forget Kosovo, where locals decided their fate and future. Kosovo’s example proved that in some cases the confirmation of the central government is not mandatory. The same situation was in Crimea and I believe that Russia did not violate international standards,” Putin stated.

American President Barak Obama announced that Russia will be fully isolated if it does not change its course with regard to Ukraine. The president pointed out that the current sanctions against Russia “work well” and they will become more severe if Russia continues its occupation of Ukraine. However, the president stressed that the United States would be the first to remove the sanctions if Russia comes to a reasonable solution.

British Prime Minister David Cameron admitted that the sanctions against Russia are not profitable for Europe, but “they are ready to pay more to thwart the current wrongdoings in Ukraine.”

The EU has adopted 11 packages of sanctions against Russia. Restrictions were imposed on 119 physical and 23 legal entities. The sanctions concern Russia’s economy, energy, financial and defense fields.

However, Russia is not too bothered by the sanctions. Some analysts believe that Russia is trying to intimidate Europe and divide it. The analysts also believe that the Russian administration fails to adequately evaluate its chances. Famous analyst Bzignev Bzezhinski believes that the West should send a message to Russia that they might provide Ukraine with weapons if it does not give up its occupation intentions.

It is obvious as well that the Ukrainian developments do not concern only one county. German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that if not finalized, the crisis might spread to Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and the Baltic States.

The latest aggression against Georgia by Russia takes the form of a treaty that will be signed between Abkhazia and Russia.

“Moscow needs the whole Georgia, as the current leadership of Russia wants to restore its influence over all post-Soviet countries.” Think some analysts.